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sunday glamour

Great place to live. Great location, matt is a good manager. No complaints other than tenants being annoying assholes and burning inscents that waft in large layers down the hall or having parties til 2 am. But the management does its best to deal with tenant issues. The one major downside is parking. Please provide an option to your tenants to get a discount or some kind of stipend or soemthing where we can get our parking fees redeemed. It’s kind of ridiculous and it’s the only reason I won’t be staying here long term. A lot of similarly priced places have parking or are in zones where you can get zone permits. The parking help would definitely attract more people to live here and stay here. Even if it was $50 cheaper a month for those who own vehicles. Anything.

zieke mandrake

I've lived at the Cameron for nearly 2 years, there have been ups and downs. First for the ups. The building is super conveniently located for me. The apartments are nice enough for me and meet my needs quite well. They come with all the regular appliances and are taken care of promptly by the service staff. The building is usually pretty quiet most of the time, so that's nice. Everyone is nice, and mostly keep to themselves. And compared to the other buildings that have gone up on the west side of the river, pearl included, the place is priced right. The manager and maintenance staff are great. As the ad said when I moved in "no frill living at a great price"... er something similar. Now for the downs. No parking. There are 2 lots a block away in opposite directions to park at. Psu structure and the old church lot. They charge the same, I recommend the psu lot, it is designed to be a parking lot and has normal sized spaces. That should lead to less door dings and such. This appartment is best for people without kids. The location that is a total upside, is also a downside. There are a number of homeless, rehabilitation, and other subsidized services all around here, including across the street. 90% of the time there are no real concerns to worry about, usually the worst is someone having a bad drug trip. They are largely harmless. I'm out and about at all hours, it is generally quiet at night. We do have a secure entry here, and it remains secure as long as quests and residents dont let strangers in. Unfortunately there have been a few problems with that, but it's worked out. To sum it up. The price and location are right, and the bums ain't that bad.

Theresa Ponce Rankin

We live out of state and needed a place just for the summer. Matt Burnham worked with us on a short lease, and we were able to set everything up online very easily. Prior to choosing the Cameron we did extensive research, placing a high priority on safety (secure entry) and quick access to mass transportation. These two don't always go together in downtown PDX and we were pleased that the Cameron provides both, plus a great apartment layout with a nice open floor plan, ample storage, and washer/dryer in the unit. We shipped packages to the apartment without any worries, and it was easy to set up utilities and wi-fi. We appreciate the flexibility of the Cameron team and enjoyed having a lovely place to stay, walkable to everything (Safeway, restaurants, Starbucks, Farmers' Market, summer job, rail/bus stops), with car2go and other personal transportation options nearby if needed. Street parking for our visitors worked fine. We'll be back next summer!

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