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Jason Callahan

My wife and I have had a great experience overall while living at Emerald Palms for the past 2 years. This was our first apartment after we got married and our first apartment in Miami. We were very conscious of all of the reviews, and decided to go with it. We can say that all of the negative reviews EP has, we never experienced. Management is very professional and the maintenance staff is very efficient. We don’t have another apartment experience to compare this to, but from what we have seen and heard from other friends in Miami, we were in a great community. The ONLY cons I could think of are: -Our apartment was very close to the street and it was very loud. The windows are pretty thin so you hear a lot from outside. -The community as a whole is old (Built in 1984 I believe) and although they have done an outstanding job making it look modern by repainting and remodeling, some of the more difficult things to renovate like the windows and doors show the age of the building a little more. -The front gate is pretty secure, but so many people can just drive right through because the gate that limits one car to go through at a time is always broken. This isn’t necessarily the management’s fault though. Residents (or their guests) are just dumb and try to go right in after someone and they break it. Management would always put the gate back up less than a day later. Despite the cons, this is a great place to live!

Hot Doc

I've been living at Emerald Palms since June 2019 and I am such a fan of the apartment complex. I have no insects problems, landscaping is well kept, appliances are up to date, maintenance is responsive, the pool is BEAUTIFUL, staff is friendly and always throwing events (especially Joanna and Paul) and my apartment building is quiet as a mouse! To make things even sweeter, I am less than 12 minutes from both hospitals I work at and walking distance from the grocery store. Couldn't be any better!


I am currently a resident at Emerald palms.i would have given a 5 star rating , however i must agree with another review that yes parking is a nightmare, and I dont like the fact that the main gate stays open very long once you enter and other cars just follow you in .. other than that I AM VERY HAPPY & PLEASED with the Amenities, very clean, quiet and family oriented.. they Also uave food trucks that come once a month, and they also do a "HAPPY HOUR" for residents... The staff is very helpful and always there for you

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