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Shannon Sharp

I lived there for my 1st year in the DFW area. It was a good place with several parks nearby & very centralized to anything in the metroplex. We came here to buy a home and did so a few months back. I recommended wildwood creek.


I've lived here 2 years. Love the area, and the property is nice. Two-story building on the north side of Dove Loop. I'm a runner; Dove Loop has otsl of runners and cyclists around every morning. Open feeling landscape / lawn, and opennes of the buildings makes it feel more like a home. I've filed service requests for general maintenance (normal wear & tear stuff). Requests were completed effectively within 48 hours. Traffic and airplane noise is a fact of life in this area. Not a show stopper. Convenience is worth it. Moving only because I'd like to save a little money. I have seen a slight decrease in the quality of tenants recently, making me wonder if the reviewer who describes short term leases is correct. I haven't had to deal with the staff - which is a good thing - so I can't say anything bad about them. At the time of this review, I can still recommend the property.


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