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Cort Dennis

Central Air, new updated appliances and clean apartments with decent amout of living space

Andrew H

Headache free apartment living. Maintenance staff is thorough and accommodating. Community manager is extremely professional.

Alex Kirts

Been living here for almost 2 months and I wanna say that this place rules. Haven’t had any problems with the neighbors being loud. Honestly I’ve been to apartments where you can hear EVERYTHING. The whole complex is very very peaceful. I hear people randomly but that’s expected. Pool is awesome and clean. My girlfriend and I frequent it on the weekends and it’s wonderful. Lastly, people complain about the parking and they are idiots. We both have cars and don’t pay for a carport. There are tons of spots. Never had an issue. Of course they are gonna tow you if you park in a handicap spot and of course if you don’t have proper registration on your car they are gonna tow you. The thing is they give you warning stickers. I got a tow warning, fixed the issue and nothing else to complain about. If for some reason you can’t park in the lot, there are spots on Quincy. Problem solved. I’ve had friends park there with no issue. Only negative I can think about is they need more guest parking. Other than that, apartment has been amazing. Also, dog park!

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