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Chinmay Pati

Awesome place to call it home and come back at the end of the day. Great team and support from office (Spencer and Sharon) and maintenance (Manny) . Lot of green inside, houses are well maintained from inside. The approach from Renner to lease office mesmerizes me. Pool is well maintained. Nothing should stop me for a 5 star.

A Jack

Nice place with a lot of greens... A little on the costly side. Management is pretty responsive. Look for the units farther from the George bush highway

Crystal Marquez

Canterbury Courts is a great place to live at, the staff and maintenance crew do a great job. Any little service request I submit online will be fixed on the same day or the following day. I have been living here for one year and we renewed our lease. It is very quiet environment I would recommend this apartment complex to anybody. However, many people do not like paying their rent online that is the only thing that has changed. Which IT DOES NOT BOTHER ME I would prefer to make payments online since I work Downtown Dallas and it is much easier for me.

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