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Ana Navarro

I am very sorry to see so many bad comments about this community. I lived in this community for a year, and I left there six months ago, during the time I lived in the community everything worked perfectly, a very clean, quiet community, the staff always attentive and friendly, if you had to do some repair in the house they went immediately, I have nothing bad to say about them. If it is true that some apartments are renovated and others are not, but they were working to renovate all the apartments. The day we left they inspected the apartment and sent us a check to the new place where we moved with the full deposit that we had delivered, it really was a good place to live. I hope they improve now after seeing such bad recent comments and return to what they were before.

Yessika De Las Casas

Juan Sebastian Monsalve Pineda

The staff is very polite, and they always have quickly responses for us. We love to live here because everything stays clean and organized.

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