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Joan Wyly

We've lived at Whisper Sky for nearly four years and have been through several management changes. While those have brought positive and some negatives changes the complex remains a great place to live. The things that one really cares about, safety and cleanliness, are top notch here. The attached large garages are a big plus, neighbors are typically respectful of each other, the grounds are kept up well and beautifully landscaped. The fitness center, while small, has all that you need, and the package concierge is a great addition to the complex. I'd highly recommend the complex to someone looking for a great home.

Matt Gartner

After living in the Denver area for over 10 years, I leased my apartment sight unseen while at a contract job in Texas. Staff was polite, easy to work with, and accommodating throughout the process. When I moved in I was pleased to discover the apartment was even better than I was expecting! The grounds are well kept, and the facilities are always in good working order. I am an IT consultant and frequently work for other property management companies, I have seen many apartment complexes around the Metro Area and the gym and other facilities are very well equipped in comparison to other complexes I have seen. Apartment living has been an adjustment after owning a house, but every maintenance order I have put in has been promptly addressed, please give my regards to Jose. I did notice some of the reviews were complaining about footsteps and noises from apartments around. This is apartment living and you will hear footsteps and noises if someone lives above you, but is nothing out of the ordinary, and for the most part everyone is respectful about quiet hours. My only complaint whatsoever is that sometimes people park in front of my garage or in no parking areas when they go to check their mail, this will only affect you if you live near the mailbox, but it does prevent me from getting into my garage occasionally.


Absolutely LOVE it here! I have lived here for over a year and recently decided to upgrade to a bigger floor plan. The transition was smooth and the Leasing Office staff couldn't have been more accommodating to myself and my teenage daughter. Isaac, Jennifer and especially Preston have gone above and beyond for me. The neighborhood is clean and quiet. The apartments are huge and the maintenance staff has always been timely to any requests for repair that I've had. I've been a renter in Colorado for over 20 years and this is by far the best rental experience I have ever had! Dana P.

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