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A Huffman

I have lived here for 3 months now. When I was first shown the apartments and told the price, I thought OK I could afford this, but then after I said I’m going to go ahead with that, there were some surprises along the way. The clubhouse is very nice and the people in the rental office are very good to the tenants. The pool is very nice and the area where the grills are. The gym is fantastic. If you have a high school kid, the way down the hill to school is manageable, but can be a little treacherous.Within walking distance of store but no RTD service. When they show you the bike rental area, keep in mind the bikes you see are not the ones you can rent, they are only the tan ones that are available. The dog wash is nice, I would just clean it before you bathe your dog, I didn’t and my dog got sick. The unit is nice, except kind of small for the cost and location. Something to keep in mind , if you were thinking of moving and have a dog : The sprinklers come on at the time of evening most people are walking their dogs for the night. It drives me bonkers and is enough to make me want to move when the lease is up. I know it’s a small thing, but when you hear tenants cursing because their dog was about to (ahem) and the sprinklers came on, it gets obnoxious. I think they should turn the sprinklers on at around midnight, when most people are done walking their dogs. So, sprinkler time is between 8 PM and 10 PM. The dog park has wood chips that hurt dogs paws, so keep that in mind when you’re moving in. There are A LOT of dogs. If your dog is very social, keep in mind, not all dogs are. There are friendly dogs though. All in all, I don’t regret moving here, just have to adjust and avoid those stupid sprinklers!!!

Athena T

I've lived here for 4 months now and I am very happy with my apartment. The complex is very neat and clean and the staff is friendly and accommodating. I was amazed when I learned that the pool and hot tub were open year round! That is unheard of in this area. I even stopped my gym membership because the gym that they have here is equipped with everything that I need for my workouts.

Brandon Crofts

We were one of the first to move in upon opening in September 2017. The staff were great in helping us find a unit to fit our needs and have been very helpful and responsive with questions/requests during our stay. The apartment and amenities have been perfect for our family of three. Would recommend!

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